New 2018 Ford Ranger Black

Ford Vans / Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

The New 2018 Ford Ranger Black  is a retail only deal and thus unavailable to fleets.
The model is a Ford Ranger Limited with the removal of chrome and the addition of black plastic instead. Black alloys, black radiator grill, black sports bars and exterior detailing

Ford Ranger Engines Suspension and facts 
– As with all Ford Rangers there are two main engines
A 2.2 Diesel and a 3 L diesel engine. There are different variant outputs which are factory remaps with the same drivetrain and running gear.
The suspension is typically off road with sticks and wishbone at the front and “berlin eye ” leaf suspension at the back.
Curiously however there are discs at the front but drums at the back as its thought this can offer advanced braking if the Ranger has been submerged.

Ford Ranger Finance Packages – Is the Ranger Black Affordable 
Cash HP Lease purchase contract hire .
The Ford Ranger tends to have quite good residual values so it fares quite well on most sorts of finance. Contract Hire typically sits at the mid £250 to £300 a month but since its a retail only deal its a little bit more expensive as the fleets tend to enjoy greater discounts.
Find out more on ford ranger lease prices 
We have seen finance lease payments as low as £260 a month from your typically mass suppliers such as Swiss.

Standard Ranger Toys
– New Sync 3 is   fabulous  upgrade from the old Sync 2
It can be used with Facebook, Google detect road signs , stream music.
whats app and its convienient  due to the size of the screen. The 8 Inch Ford Designed touch screen sits slightly proud of the dashboard as is the style of many manufacturers now.

Ford Ranger Sync 3
Ford Ranger Sync 3

– Black Alloy wheels . Your ready pimped pick up  truck

Ford Ranger Black Alloys
Ford Ranger Black Alloys

Overall Opinion on The Ford Ranger Black
– Its not a bad vehicle as manufacturer packs go. In the view that
“less is more” it works as the bling shiny chrome  has gone gone possibly influenced  by the likes of the DRanged and the Walking Dead. A relatively  simple idea to give a cut price custom pick up to the masses,

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